We can’t stop thinking
about your boobs

In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, we keep on thinking about your breasts.
But it’s making it harder for us to do so. Please help!

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer among Japanese women — one in eleven develop the disease in their lifetime. But only 44.9% of women in Japan between the ages of 40 and 69 years old receive a mammogram each year. Compare that with the US where more than 80% of women between 50 and 69 get an annual check-up.

And bear in mind that men are vulnerable, as well.

We at RFTC Japan are convinced that education, timely screening, and early treatment save lives. Our three full-time staff members spend every working day trying to raise awareness of breast cancer in Japan — with the hope that we will see it eradicated as a life-threatening disease in our lifetime.

As our NPO struggles in the face of the global Covid-19 outbreak, we’re asking you to support us in continuing our seminars, gala events, and free quarterly publication Pink Magazine, by making a donation of any amount right now.

If you help us today, we promise we’ll keep thinking about your boobs.

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