Our mission is to eradicate breast cancer in Japan as a life-threatening disease through education, timely screening, and treatment.

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Fourth time’s the charm…

This isn’t a trick, but it’s certainly no treat either: after careful consideration, we’ve taken the decision to reschedule Pink Ball 2020 to the 23rd of October.

This wasn’t an easy choice to make, but our first obligation is to ensure the safety of our guests, volunteers and staff. With this in mind, we feel that it is best to move our gala event back just one more time to guarantee that everyone can enjoy the evening in total peace of mind.

There is one silver lining: holding Pink Ball in October means that we have the good fortune of throwing our headline gala event during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. And since it’s just one week before Halloween, we’re looking forward to adding a shock of pink to the orange and black of the season.

Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to welcoming you to Pink Ball 2020 soon.

Yours truly,



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Thank you Aflac Japan!

Our sponsor, Aflac Japan, donated 1,350,000JPY to RFTC Japan to support our mission to eradicate breast cancer as a life-threatening…

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In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, we keep on thinking about your breasts.
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“Whoever said winning isn’t everything never had to fight breast cancer.”

Breast cancer does not care who you are. It can strike any woman, any man, any family. And when it does, we all have the same fears, cry the same tears and pray to God for the same thing – to survive for ourselves and for our families.

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PiNK is a quarterly magazine devoted not only to raising breast cancer awareness, but also about beauty, health and fitness issues.

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10 Breast Cancer Risk Factors


% chance

When breast cancer is detected and properly treated in its early stages, the survival rate exceeds 90%.