Tokyo Bosom Buddies

Tokyo Bosom Buddies is an English-speaking support group for breast cancer survivors in Tokyo, started by RFTC Japan chairperson Vickie Paradise Green.

Originally meeting monthly, Bosom Buddies Tokyo now meets periodically via online video calls, to keep participants safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. We keep our meetings as casual and inclusive as possible, so that you can feel comfortable and safe. We are happy for participants to:

-Join the call at any time
-Stay for as long as you like — even if it’s only a few minutes
-If you don’t feel like speaking, you’re welcome to just listen
-Turn your camera on or off, whichever you prefer

Our only ‘rule’ is to try and keep the topics of conversation related to breast cancer.

If you would be interested in joining our meetings, or connecting with anyone in the group, please send us an e-mail using the inquiry form below.

Contact Us

RFTC Japan Office
Izumi Osaki Building 6F,
Osaki 3-6-28, Shinagawa-ku,
Tokyo 141-0032 Japan

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Ph: +81-(0)3-4520-8650
(*Omit the initial zero when dialing from outside of Japan.)

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