3 Traits That Can Help You Beat Breast Cancer

3 Traits That Can Help You Beat Breast Cancer

I often contemplate the traits that help people overcome adversity. I especially love to talk to people who have beat breast cancer and tell their stories like triumphant warriors. For a while I attributed their power to optimism, now I know better.

Years before I was diagnosed with breast cancer, my cousin told me that she couldn’t get cancer because she is an upbeat and optimistic person. I am sure she thought I was lacking in her optimistic spirit when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. She may have overlooked the fact that although we come from the same genetic line that tested positive for the BRCA 2 genetic mutation, her father was not a carrier and mine was. The likelihood that I would develop breast cancer was 80% to her 12% risk.

Optimism really is in my trait mix, however, I am convinced that there are even more important traits that are required to help us triumph in the battle that ensues once we are diagnosed with breast cancer…

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