Financial 2015

NPO Run for the Cure® Foundation (RFTC Japan)


Statement of Operations (1/1~12/31)
Ordinary Revenue
Pink Ball18,569,500
Tokyo Run for the Cure®/ Walk for Life9,993,204
Cuisine for the Cure1,806,141
Casino Night7,225,000
PiNK Magazine1,487,957
The Lemon Project11,050
Product Sales77,690
Other (Interest Income)494
Total Revenue 55,787,285
Event/Mission Direct Expenses
General (Mommogram Funding, etc.)(1,756,637)
Pink Ball(7,023,078)
Tokyo Run for the Cure®/ Walk for Life(910,709)
Casino Night(4,653,818)
PiNK Beauty Party(43,228)
PiNK Magazine(16,172,502)
The Lemon Project(170,841)
Goods Sales(49,725)
Total Direct Expenses 32,703,788
Net Public Support and Revenue23,083,497
General Administration Expenses
General Administration(8,285,856)
Salaries & Wages(13,469,212)
Total General Administration Expenses21,755,068
Net Revenue at the end of year1,328,429
Net Assets brought forward from the previous year38,202,308
Net Assets carried forward to next year39,530,737


Board of Directors