Financial 2010

NPO Run for the Cure® Foundation (RFTC Japan)


Statement of Operations (1/1~12/31)
Ordinary Revenue
Pink Ball0
Run for the Cure®/ Walk for Life9,263,296
Golf Tournament895,500
PiNK Magazine2,835,398
Product Sales317,563
In-Kind Donation1,802,250
Total Revenue22,414,983
Event/Mission Direct Expenses
Pink Ball(163,834)
Run for the Cure®/ Walk for Life(841,968)
Golf Tournament(422,608)
PiNK Magazine(11,613,149)
Goods Sales(112,916)
Total Direct Expenses14,893,975
Net Public Support and Revenue7,521,008
General Administration Expenses
General Administration(7,465,320)
Salaries & Wages(10,236,822)
Total General Administration Expenses17,702,142
Net Revenue at the end of year10,181,134
Net Assets brought forward from the previous year31,666,369
Net Assets carried forward to next year21,485,235


Board of Directors