Financial 2013

NPO Run for the Cure® Foundation (RFTC Japan)


Statement of Operations (1/1~12/31)
Ordinary Revenue
Pink Ball25,099,000
Tokyo Run for the Cure®/ Walk for Life11,597,170
Nagoya Run for the Cure®/ Walk for Life505,446
Casino Night8,697,370
PiNK Beauty Party4,700
PiNK Magazine1,672,211
The Lemon Project1,000,000
Product Sales167,056
Total Revenue55,518,124
Event/Mission Direct Expenses
Pink Ball(7,478,643)
Tokyo Run for the Cure®/ Walk for Life(1,350,664)
Nagoya Run for the Cure®/ Walk for Life(432,186)
Casino Night(5,582,208)
PiNK Beauty Party(39,750)
PiNK Magazine(17,925,186)
The Lemon Project(698,880)
Goods Sales(50,117)
Total Direct Expenses35,200,314
Net Public Support and Revenue20,317,810
General Administration Expenses
General Administration(4,333,692)
Salaries & Wages(11,894,000)
Total General Administration Expenses16,227,692
Net Revenue at the end of year4,090,118
Net Assets brought forward from the previous year31,688,335
Net Assets carried forward to next year35,778,453


Board of Directors