Casino Night 2022 Registration

◼︎Please fill in the details of the main contact below to book seats or tables. Soon after you register, we will send the main contact a follow-up e-mail to ask for additional information on your guests.

◼︎If you have any questions or concerns about booking your tickets, please e-mail RFTC Japan at [email protected]

Registration Deadline: Friday, August 26, 2022

Guest Details

Guest Details

All guests registering for Casino Night are requested to submit an image of either a second vaccination sticker or a booster vaccination sticker (if you have been inoculated within the last seven months at the time of the event).

Regarding personal information:
Please do not include any personal information, including your address and date of birth. Only submit a photo or scan of the inoculation sticker and your name. (Refer to the image below.)

Regarding the handling of personal information:
The information we collect will only be used for Casino Night 2022 registration purposes and will be managed responsibly so that it will not be lost or leaked.

(max file size 30 MB)


Terms and Conditions agreement * 

  • Bookings are finalised after payment is confirmed.
  • Refunds cannot be made for cancellations received after the registration deadline (August 26, 2022).
  • Cancellations will only be accepted by call or e-mail (03-4520-8650 / [email protected]).
  • All chips for the casino games are purchased separately at the venue. (Credit card only)
  • You may not use cash at the game tables.
  • You may not exchange chips for cash, or vice versa.
  • All provided information will be used for the Foundation’s events purposes only and will be kept strictly confidential.