“Will My Periods Return?”

“Will My Periods Return?”

Breast Cancer Care’s experts answer your questions about breast cancer and its treatment

PiNK 2019 Winter p.12

Will My Period Return?

Q: I am 31 and finished chemo last month. My periods have stopped but are they likely to come back?

A: During chemotherapy it’s common for periods to stop, and this can be temporary or permanent. The younger you are when having treatment, particularly if you are under 35, there more likely it is that your periods will return. It’s difficult to predict exactly when this may happen.

Sometimes periods come back at the end of treatment or it may be months or occasionally a few years after chemotherapy has finished. If your periods do return, you may go through the menopause up to 5 – 20 years sooner than you would have done if you hadn’t had chemotherapy.