What’s the Deal with Soy and Breast Cancer?

What’s the Deal with Soy and Breast Cancer?

by Meredith Melnick | The Huffington Post


I avoid soy like the plague because of a family history of breast cancer. What is the real story on soy and breast cancer? — Adrienne

About 75 percent of breast cancer tumors have estrogen receptors, meaning they grow in response to estrogen. And so, if breast cancer runs in your family, it stands to reason that you’d want to closely regulate exposure to a hormone that promotes tumor growth. For many people, doing so includes avoiding soy — but luckily for those who love their edamame or veggie burgers, this isn’t necessary at all. Yes, soy mimics estrogen and estrogen is linked to some hormonally active cancers, but that does not mean that soy itself is linked to cancer…

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