PiNK Beauty Party Vol. 4 Report

PiNK Beauty Party Vol. 4 Report

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Report by Kiei Ogata

Run for the Cure® Foundation held its 4th PiNK Beauty Party, once again at Fujishin’s FASTA Aoyama Studio, on May 31, for survivors and women who are fighting breast cancer. Professional make-up artists, manicurists, an aromatherapist, and medical-related wig advisors offered sessions run at the three-hour event, which included teatime, for 26 participants. They were able to “take home” techniques taught to improve their quality of life. Participants could chose either the make-up or the manicure session, and all attendees had a chance to participate in both the aromatherapy and wig sessions by rotating between the beauty stations.

The make-up session was run by Say, a cosmetics brand, who regularly holds sessions on how to apply make-up to keep looking young. Say had two 50-minute sessions where participants were provided their own mirror and palette of make-up to apply by themselves while listening to the professional lecturer. The sessions included topics on how to maximize one’s youth and confidence with make-up, and also how to cover any side effects on the skin after chemotherapy. Eyelash extensions were applied for the final touch, and many participants reveled in how much fuller and distinctive their eyes looked after applying the methods learned.

The manicure sessions were held in Future Nail Co.’s nail technician school/salon, located inside the Fujishin’s FASTA Aoyama studio. A nails technician was assigned to each participant, where personalized care was given after responding to inquiries into the present condition of their nails and the technician imparting nail care advice. Those with brittle nails, for example, were offered gel manicure to regain a healthy and shiny appearance. Others received hand-care tips, finishing with a manicure. Every guest’s nails were then painted in varying shades of pink and designed with cute additions of sparkles and streaks. After returning upstairs, the ladies eagerly showed their newly polished nails to friends.

Lovely floral aromas drifted from the aromatherapy table as a representative from an aroma salon instructed attendees on how to apply scented oils provided them. The aroma session was a new feature this year. Nana Hattori, founder of aroma salon OHANA, is a breast cancer survivor and was a Beauty Party participant last year. She offered to share her expertise in aromatherapy at our party this year. Participants learned how to use the naturally calming aromas to great effect by rubbing them on their palms and fingers. Many blissful faces emerged after participants had sniffed a spritz of scented oils in tiny bottles, which could be taken home.

So much laughter and praise could be heard from near the sunlit balcony where Svenson, a medical wig company, was stationed. Beautiful wigs atop adorned mannequins were presented to the ladies, and they were each offered the chance to ask questions and try them on. Advice was given on how to manage and wear the wigs, and the women, at first, timidly tried them on. But after seeing how much fun it was to transform their looks in an instant, they quickly picked up the pace, testing which hairstyles looked best on them. Many exclamations of “So cute!” among the groups livened the sessions with laughing, blushing faces.

After each guest had finished going through her completed beauty treatment, snacks and tea were served; and everyone was eager to talk about beauty tips and their experiences. As the event came to a close, Bryony Dunlop gave a short talk on her experience with breast cancer, listing 10 of the most important things she had learned. One of her points was, “Take every chance given.” She spoke of the time she was asked by Run for the Cure® Foundation to share her story in PiNK magazine (Summer 2014 issue). She encouraged those in the audience never to pass up opportunities in life. Another life lesson, “Stop eating sugar,” elicited laughter throughout the room from among participants and sponsors alike. All eyes were on Bryony as she touched upon these important life lessons.

Participants spent the rest of the teatime posing final questions to the sponsoring beauty companies, talking with friends, and getting photos taken by the professional photographer who had volunteered for the event, providing visual memories of their transformation. Everyone left the event with new friends, feeling radiant both inside and out, with a bagful of samples from sponsoring companies to apply at home.

A special thank you to our generously supportive sponsors, caring co-organizers and enthusiastic volunteers who came out to support another ongoing initiative by Run for the Cure® Foundation.


Co-organizers: Fujishin Co. Ltd., Future Nail Co. Ltd., OHANA, Say Co. Ltd., SVENSON CO. LTD.
Sponsors: Kunitaro Co. Ltd., OPI Japan K.K., Natural Beauty TULA