【Volunteer Thank-you Party Report】Servcorp TOHO Hibiya Promenade Building (2024

【Volunteer Thank-you Party Report】Servcorp TOHO Hibiya Promenade Building (2024

TEXT : Yuka Fujita
REVISE: Hannah Frederick / Maria Sakiko Suzuki

We had our first Volunteer Thank-you Party after the pandemic on Friday, February 9th.

The Volunteer Thank-you Party is the party inviting the volunteers who participated the previous year and show our appreciation for their previous work.

We are grateful to one of our biggest supporters, Servcorp Japan, for graciously lending us their newest office in Hibiya.

The office was very beautiful, with stylish interior, and a lovely place (literally”make yourself at home” atmosphere), allowing everyone to deepen their bonds without tension among volunteers.

During the events, we presented last year’s RFTC Japan activity report and highlighted the results achieved through the efforts of our volunteers.

We organized a special RFTC Japan bingo game during the event to make stronger bonds among volunteers.

The winners were decided sooner than expected. But, it seemed everyone enjoyed the game, as they continued playing for a while even after the winners were announced.

I saw that even the volunteers who were meeting for the first time were mingling well. I think this event really brought the RFTC Japan staff and volunteers closer, and it also strengthened the friendships among the volunteers themselves.

We are planning to invite all volunteers who will participate this year to anticipate a volunteer thank-you party planned for early next year, so please look forward to it.
We are excited to meet everyone again at next year’s party.
Your continued support is greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much to all the volunteers for your hard work last year.

Regarding volunteer recruitment for events

We are recruiting volunteers for each event.
If you wish to participate as a volunteer, please apply via the link below.