Our mission is to eradicate breast cancer in Japan as a life-threatening disease through education, timely screening, and treatment.

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Friday, September 13

The Ritz-Carlton, Tokyo


アロマで手作り デオドラントスプレー&シート

(Japanese Text Only) 心を体を癒すアロマとツボの処方箋 夏は東洋医学的には「火」の季節。暑さによる体調不良が出やすくなる季節です。 また、インドの伝承医学アーユルヴェーダでは、「火」は目や頭に溜まりやすいと言われています。ホルモン治療中に起こりやすいホットフラッシュやのぼせは、頭や顔が熱くなりやすいですよね。 今回は、そんな時に助けになる自分で作れるアロマ入りデオドラントスプレー&スプレーをご紹介します! PiNK 2019 Summer pp.18-19 デオドラントスプレー&シートの作り方 準備するもの お好きな精油合計6滴(ラベンダー、ティートリーなど) 無水エタノール 3ml 精製水 27ml スプレー容器 ジッパー式の袋...

Breast Implants Linked to Rare Cancer Are Recalled Worldwide

(English Text Only) Breast Implants Linked to Rare Cancer Are Recalled Worldwide By Denise Grady, The New York Times Textured...


Thank You New Balance Japan!

New Balance Japan, Inc. has been a devoted Partner ever since RFTC Japan commenced its mission. Each year, New Balance...

Message from the chairman

“Whoever said winning isn’t everything never had to fight breast cancer.”

Breast cancer does not care who you are. It can strike any woman, any man, any family. And when it does, we all have the same fears, cry the same tears and pray to God for the same thing – to survive for ourselves and for our families.

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PiNK is a quarterly magazine devoted not only to raising breast cancer awareness, but also about beauty, health and fitness issues.

A day of beauty pampering and home care tips for survivors.

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Myth or Fact?

Finding a lump in your breast means you have breast cancer


% chance

When breast cancer is detected and properly treated in its early stages, the survival rate exceeds 90%.